About STNI

Neurointervention as a field has undergone dramatic evolution in the last two decades. Neurointerventionists are beginning to play a critical role in management of Ischemic and Haemorrhagic stroke. The Neurointerventionists need to work in an integrated manner with Neurosurgery, Neurology and Neuroradiology to achieve the best outcomes for the patients.

In order to further grow in the field of Neurointervention it was imperative to form a forum in which the Neurointerventionists from different background, as well clinicians can come together to discuss the academics, education and optimism protocols.

For this purpose we have formed a dedicated society of Neurointerventionists, in our country which has been registered as “STNI (Society of Therapeutic Neuro Interventions)” on 21st May 2013.

It’s a sincere effort to bring all the practising and budding Neurointerventionists of the country on the same platform.